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And if A-list econobloggers like Barry think that way, just imagine what the rest of the financial world thinks

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Felix Salmon

quantitatively easing

May 19th, 2009

Barry Ritholtz’s book: Where are the bloggers?

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Barry Ritholtz’s book just landed on my desk, and I’m looking forward to reading it, since I think that bloggers in general, and Barry in particular, have been very much ahead of the curve in terms of identifying and comprehending the contours of this crisis.

As befits a book from such an assiduous source-citer as Ritholtz, Bailout Nation comes with 17 pages of endnotes, most of them with URLs. But here’s the funny thing: the number of blogs cited is tiny. Paging through the notes, I see Barry citing himself a couple of times, there’s one reference to TPM Muckraker, and that’s about it. A blog entry by John Carney does make it into the book, but is cited at its Yahoo Finance address, complete with annoyingly auto-playing video. Occasionally bloggers appear — me, Arianna Huffington, Paul Krugman — but never for our blog entries, only for more formal things we’ve written (in my case, my NYT op-ed). And we’re all more or less part of the mainstream media anyway. “Pure” bloggers are I think entirely absent from the book. Meanwhile, columnists in more mainstream outlets get cited quite frequently.

I suspect that what’s going on here is akin to the “cultural cringe” that was first diagnosed in Australia in the 1950s: an internalized inferiority complex whereby bloggers tend to consider blogs to be lesser than newspaper and magazine articles and columns. And if A-list econobloggers like Barry think that way, just imagine what the rest of the financial world thinks."


I think it’s more like writers feel that bloggers, and even people who comment on blogs, don’t need to be quoted or acknowledged. I’ve seen arguments and comments and facts on blogs and websites go unattributed, even though I’m fairly sure where they came from. However, I’m not going to spend any time investigating this.

After all,and this is just a hypothetical in my case, if you quote Don the libertarian Democrat as your source, it doesn’t convey a lot of gravitas and knowledge, even if I turned out to be the world’s foremost expert on Godel’s Proof, which I’m not.

It’s kind of like this Fed Ex add:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNCrMEOqH pc

I’m not saying Ritholtz does this, but I do believe that it occurs, along with your explanation.

- Posted by Don the libertarian Democrat

By the way, I’d take down that ‘Quantitatively Easing’. It makes me think that you’re referring to your bowel movements.

- Posted by Don the libertarian Democrat

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