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Yes, please go. The mere presence of beings like yourselves is intensely painful to us

The Organians are a fictional race in the universe of Star Trek. They are one of the most evolved, advanced alien races ever encountered by the crew of the original Enterprise.

The Klingons and the Federation were in dispute over the Klingon Empire expanding into spaces claimed by the Federation. With war breaking out, the Enterprise under James T. Kirk was sent to Organia to persuade its inhabitants to ally with the Federation and allow defenses. Before Kirk could persuade them, the Klingons occupied the planet. The Organians portrayed themselves as being a race barely into the Industrialized Age. Even Spock remarked to Kirk that they represented a classic example of a race experiencing no significant evolution, as their technology had shown no measurable advance in thousands of years.

The Klingons and Enterprise started to attack each other while in orbit, yet both sides were stopped by the Organians through their immense powers.

As a direct result of their intervention between the Klingon Empire and the Federation, both sides were forced to agree to a truce, in which in order for either side to gain another planet for their respective sides, they must prove to be more worthy by their ability to efficiently develop that planet.

It is not known when or if the Organian Peace Treaty was superseded in the subsequent episodes of the Star Trek saga, and the current status of the Organians is unclear in the present Star Trek Mythos.

The Organians were a race of beings who had evolved to a point of being pure conceptual beings, essence of thought with no corporeal bodies. In some ways they were similar to Q for power levels and abilities, but it is unknown if these two races ever encountered each other.

The Organians also appeared on Star Trek: Enterprise in the episode "Observer Effect", where they observed members of the crew infected with a silicon-based virus in order to decide whether or not they should make first contact with humans. They did not technically appear onscreen; they only manifested themselves by possessing the bodies of several members of the Enterprise crew. All memories of the Organians were erased, as actual first contact with the Organians took place in the Original Series episode.[clarification needed]

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