Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the US military prescence in the VRAE coca growing region of Peru

TO BE NOTED: From Inca Kola News:

"There is a secret US military base in Peru.....


The secret document as published by La Primera today

.....which only comes as a surprise to those silly enough to believe what the liars that inhabit the Twobreakfasts government say. Peru newspaper La Primera has today got its hands on a secret memo (not secret any more though) that outlines the US military prescence in the VRAE coca growing region of Peru. Even this humble corner of cyberspace knows as much, though. In this post back in February I wrote...

In fact, there might not be a formal US air base in Peru the same as the one in Ecuador, but anyone who hangs in the right places in lowland Peru more than a week knows the VRAE airbase, supposedly Peru soldiers only, is constantly packed full of US soldiers, planes, copters and air crew.

...which, funnily enough, is the exact scenario laid out by La Primera in its report today. Here's a section translated by yours truly:

  • "....The government categorically denied the possibility of the installation of a US military base in our country. However, La Primera has gained access to an official document stating the Ministry of Defence coordinated with the ex-commander general of the armed forces, Edwin Donayre, the request of the United States of America to construct an Operations and Intelligence Command Centre at the Pichari military base in the Valle de los Rios Apurimac y Ene (VRAE).
  • Via notice 058 VPD/A/SEC dated March 10th 2008, the Vice-minister of Defence Policy, Nuria Esparch Fernández, told Donayre that the administration of the sector coordinated with the Southern Command, via the the Constulting and Military Assistance Group of the United States, the construction plans for "A centre of medical assistance and a command centre for operations and intelligence in the territory where the armed forces are stationed in Pichari."."

Oh how they insulted Evo Morales when he had the balls to accuse Peru of running a secret US base. Let's see what they throw at each other this time, as apologies from Twobreakfasts are as unlikely as a hunger strike."

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