Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dmitry Orlov's take on U.S. declinism is much-loved among the apocalypse set

From Paul Kedrosky:

Best Practices in the End of the World

I think I mostly just dig the ironies in the title, “Social Collapse Best Practices", but Dmitry Orlov's take on U.S. declinism is much-loved among the apocalypse set. Here he is recently in San Francisco:


I have a hard time with end of the world talks that begin with a reminder about the reception after the talk, but that's just me. For some reason, anytime I hear talk about some great cataclysm, I think of two scenes from one of my favorite movies, which is called "The Wind And The Lion":

"Capt. Jerome, USMC: It seems quite obvious, I would think, sir - we must seize the government and make our own negotiations.
Gummere: [incredulous] Seize the government?
Capt. Jerome, USMC: At BAYONET point!
Gummere: [snidely; to Dreighton] Well, I certainly would like to see that old son-of-a-bitch at bayonet point, huh?
Gummere: But it's ridiculous; it's outrageous, it's lunatic!
Adm. Chadwick: Yes, isn't it though? I think Teddy should love it!
Gummere: But, what about the French, the Germans - the British? Why we're in the shadow of Gibraltar!
Adm. Chadwick: [slams his hand on table and stands up] DAMN THE LEGATIONS!
Gummere: [uneasily] You realize, of course, that if we fail in even the slightest way, we'll all be killed?
Adm. Chadwick: Yes, and the whole world will probably go to war.
Capt. Jerome, USMC: Gentlemen, if we fail and are killed, I certainly hope the world DOES go to war!
[raises glass as a toast]
Adm. Chadwick: The world at war!
Gummere: A world war? Now THAT would be something to go out on... "


Sherif of Wazan: Great Raisuli, we have lost everything. All is drifting on the wind as you said. We have lost everything.
Raisuli: Sherif, is there not one thing in your life that is worth losing everything for?

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